Style an Oversized T-shirt for a Polished, Fashionable Look

Style an Oversized T-shirt for a Polished, Fashionable Look

An oversized T-shirt complements any wardrobe. To style it for a fashionable look, tuck it into high-waisted jeans or shorts to create an effortless, undone look. You can also accessorize with a belt or statement jewelry for a more sophisticated style.

Explore other ways to style an oversized T-shirt with these tips:

1) An oversized t-shirt does not necessarily have to be too bulky for you just because it is large. Looking and feeling comfortable go hand in hand. Having a confident style sense makes any outfit look better. An oversized shirt should be an item in your wardrobe you can wear seamlessly any day of the week.

  • It is important that the shirt collar fits comfortably without sagging below the neckline.
  • When you wear a t-shirt, the shoulder seam should sit right where your shoulders and arms meet.
  • Sleeve length can reach your elbow, but shouldn't exceed it.
  • If you are wearing an oversized t-shirt, the length should end well before your knees, preferably at your upper thighs.
  • If you want a trendy look, you can wear your oversized t-shirt baggy like the female model in the photo. There are exceptions to the rules based on your individual style and preference.

    Unisex Oversized T-shirt - YESHUA Apparel

    2) Untucked t-shirts are the definition of casual. They are perfect for all kinds of low-key events or hangouts. An oversized t-shirt can stay untucked while still staying fashionable and comfortable, regardless of whether you are wearing pants or shorts.

    • Wear your oversized t-shirt with some classic blue jeans or chino shorts to make it the focal point of your entire outfit.
    • Adding accessories such as earrings will enhance any oversized T-shirt look for the ladies seeking more of a fashionable appearance.
      Unisex Oversized T-shirt - YESHUA Apparel
      3) It's always in style to wear a denim jacket with an oversized white tee. Denim jackets are also very durable, so they're a wise investment that lasts for a long time.
      • Denim jackets look great paired with black jeans. You can wear this look for just about any occasion.
      • All white sneakers are an excellent and elegant option to complete this outfit and make your style pop.
      • For a classier look, opt for a blank tee



        Women's white canvas lace-up shoes

        4) During spring, when temperatures rise and the sun shines more, look for colorful oversized t-shirts. Wear your outfit with vibrant colors and blooming flowers. If you're heading to a casual brunch, oversized t-shirts in bright colors offer chic style with minimal effort.

        • You can experiment with a few different colors while finding the look that best fits you.
        • To complement your light colored oversized t-shirt, a pair of leggings for the ladies or shorts for the guys is an excellent choice.

        Unisex Oversized T-shirt - YESHUA Apparel

        5) Wearing a sweater over an oversized t-shirt is a classic look that will keep you warm and stylish during chillier days, especially if you want to stay cozy.

        • In the winter, joggers or sweatpants make this outfit perfect for lounging around the house.
        • If you plan to hang out casually, your sweater and oversized t-shirt will look great with any pair of jeans.

        Unisex Oversized T-shirt - YESHUA Apparel

        6) You are who you are and what you say is significant, so let your shirt become an extension of that. There are endless designs available in graphic tees, so finding an oversized graphic T-shirt that fits your style should never be difficult. For us, the YESHUA Apparel logo represents a victorious lifestyle in Christ.

        • Graphic tees offer limitless possibilities. They can be bold or subtle, depending on your style.
        • You can pair your oversized graphic T-shirt with ripped jeans to add a touch of edginess.

        Unisex Oversized T-shirt - YESHUA Apparel

        7) Wear your oversized t-shirt alone and let it be the focal point of your outfit. Its simplicity and casual look means it will work with just about any style pants or shorts. This look is ideal for lowkey gatherings or just lounging around.

        • Your style and personality will be reflected in the color you choose, whether it's plain white or charcoal grey.
        • To give your outfit a bolder look, color coordinate your shoes with your shirt.

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