Spring into action with our newly added windbreakers

Spring into action with our newly added windbreakers

Windbreaker styling tips: 5 ways to wear it

In addition to shielding you from the elements, windbreakers can also be worn as a fashion piece. They come in pullover, zip-up, and hoodie styles, all of which we carry. It can be difficult to choose a windbreaker that fits well with your outfit based on the color and design. To look stylish with your windbreaker today, try sticking with an athleisure vibe, or creating a monochromatic ensemble.

No. 1

Make a fashion statement

An oversized windbreaker will give you a more upscale look. Nowadays, windbreakers serve as oversized statement pieces in fashion, adding style and class to outfits. They used to be form-fitting, and still are, to shield against the wind. However, a baggy, oversized windbreaker elevates your style. Choose one that is comfortable for you.

With its military green camouflaged print and large red rose on the back, this unisex rose camo windbreaker makes the perfect fashion statement.


No. 2

Go for a sporty look

Keep your windbreaker stylish with a sporty look. Get a windbreaker in your size if you are running or working out. This will make moving in it easier and it'll give you a more athletic vibe. The windbreaker should hit your hips and the sleeves should end just above your wrists. This way, you will also be able to wear it in professional settings.

An embroidered YESHUA Apparel logo graces the front of this packable windbreaker by Champion. It features convenient storage for travel during unpredictable weather with a timeless design to suit many outfits.

Black packable windbreaker

No. 3

Choose a vintage style

With its vibrant colors and style, multi-colored windbreakers harken back to the 1980s and 1990s. Choose a windbreaker with multiple blocks of color to stand out. It's a great idea to wear multicolored windbreakers over a monochromatic outfit, like all black. Large chunks of bright colors are more vintage than modern.

With its classic red, white, and blue colour blocking, the Moving Forward windbreaker is sporty with a touch of vintage style. Available for men and women.

No. 4

Keep it classy

Adding a solid-colored windbreaker to your closet will keep you looking polished. Solid-colored windbreakers are an excellent staple. You can choose a windbreaker of almost any color, although an all-black windbreaker will complement almost any outfit. You can even try a neon-colored windbreaker if you are feeling daring.

You'll find YESHUA Apparel windbreakers in vibrant colors, like the solid orange windbreaker if you prefer something that's a bit bolder.

No. 5

Functionality is key

It is a good idea to wear a windbreaker that has a hood. If you live in an area with a lot of rain, you may want to choose one that has a bit more protection. The best way to wear a windbreaker is to buy one that has a hood, so you can get some functionality out of it as well as wear it fashionably.

We offer women's cropped windbreakers that are not only functional but also fashionable and sporty.

Fashion windbreakers

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