Here are some frequently asked questions about our garments

Q. I notice a strange smell after opening my package, why is that?

A. All inks used in your garment creation are water-based and eco-friendly.  We use a special solution in the printing process, so don't worry if you notice a slight new shirt scent or some discoloration. It will disappear after the first wash.


Q. How long is the wait time before receiving my order?

A. We all know that long shipping times can test our patience and waiting for your long anticipated purchase can be a little frustrating. When you shop with us, we ask that you allow a 2-3 week open window to receive your order. This is because it takes 2-7 days to receive payment and fulfill your order. On top of that you need to factor in shipping and delivery times which depends on your destination. We are constantly looking into ways to speed up shipping and greatly appreciate your patience in working with us :).


Got a question? Connect with us and we'll be sure to update this page with the answer.