Taking Casual Style to the Next Level

Taking Casual Style to the Next Level

Here are some tips on how to dress casually and still look attractive

Casual dressing is about comfort. You want to choose pieces that you feel comfortable in, as this will allow you to move freely and express yourself. Additionally, choose pieces that flatter your body shape and highlight your most attractive features. Lastly, accessorize with pieces that add unique touches to your outfit.

Check out these styling ideas for our Moving Forward sporty collection:

1) For a vintage look, pair our Women's Moving Forward Cropped Windbreaker with high-waisted jeans.

Pair our Women's Moving Forward Cropped Windbreaker with high-waisted jeans for a vintage look. The cropped windbreaker creates a flattering silhouette and the high-waisted jeans draw the eye to the waist, highlighting the windbreaker. This vintage look is also achieved by pairing modern pieces with classic silhouettes. When wearing jeans to accomplish this style, ensure they fit well around the waist and hips, but are loose in the calves and ankles. Lighter, darker, or acid wash denim is ideal.

 2Make our Men's Moving Forward Windbreaker stand out with black jeans

Your windbreaker will stand out more if you wear simple black jeans or shorts. Wearing black jeans with a brightly colored windbreaker is an excellent way to make your windbreaker stand out. This is a great idea for oversized and brightly colored windbreakers.


3) Wear our Moving Forward Embroidered Hoodie with chunky sneakers

You can wear a loose-fitting hoodie with oversized, chunky shoes. Keep your bottoms clean with skinny jeans or play up the oversized look with a relaxed fitting pair of pants. Add a pair of sneakers that make your feet appear slightly wider than they really are to balance out your outfit.

 4) Stick with running shoes for a sporty vibe

For a sporty look, combine running shoes with leggings or track pants. You can also wear running shoes with cuffed jeans to create a streetwear look. Wear neutral running shoes so your windbreaker stands out.


5) Keep it classic in our Unisex Moving Forward Athletic Jersey

If you want a classic look, jerseys pair well with dark jeans. Dark jeans draw the eye to the jersey and make the colors stand out more. This creates a classic, stylish look.

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