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An Alternative to Denim

Are you used to wearing denim with your T-shirt? Have you ever wondered how you can dress up a classic tee without looking too casual?  If your answer is yes this post is for you.Denim has always been the perfect go-to staple to pair with a classic shirt, however there are many other options you can opt in to while keeping your look stylish and fresh.ChinosConsider wearing a pair of trousers…

Treating your Yeshua Tee with Tender Loving Care

All of our T-shirts are made to provide you with comfort and style that's why you'll find each garment constructed of lightweight yet durable fabric. You'll notice that many of our designs are made of either 100% Cotton or Cotton Blends which enables each shirt to have a stronger weave and a significantly softer feel. Our choice of tees are carefully selected in order to provide you with the best…

7 Ways to Style your Favorite Tee

Do you have a T-shirt in your closet that you haven't been giving much attention lately? Here in Canada it's pretty cold and wearing a tee is probably the last thing on your mind if you reside here in the North.  In this blog we'll be detailing a few different ways you can style your favorite T-shirt regardless of the weather. Check em' out!Style 1Wear a classic white tee with an over-sized r…

Clothed in Love (Femme)

Every women should have a comfortable tee that inspires the heart in their closet, that's why we've decided to make another classic t-shirt in our Clothed in Love design. This comfortable women's t-shirt is made of 100% Cotton and offers a fashionable cut with classic fit, its durable fabric and quality stitching enables this tee to sustain multiple washes day in and day out. This isn't just anoth…